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What is a CCTV drain survey?

To keep a fully operational drain & sewer network it can often help to know what is going on in your pipework. The best and most efficient way of doing this is through a CCTV drain survey.

 A drain survey is an in-depth inspection and analysis of your drainage network. A quality survey undertaken by professionals and utilising high-tech CCTV cameras can alert the operator to current or potential issues within your drains.

What is the process? 

The process involves inserting drainage cameras into your sewer or drain which then sends a live feed back to the operator. This information is then analysed by a drainage engineer and presented as a CCTV drain report. The report will help to identify issues that are jeopardising the integrity of your drains.

When would do I need a drain surveying?

CCTV drain surveys are a vital tool in helping to establish the cause of blockages or damage within your drainage network. There are 2 main types of drain surveys, proactive and reactive.

Proactive surveys

A proactive drain survey would involve identifying a problem before it becomes too serious. Many home buyers require home buyer drain surveys to be undertaken on a property they are interested in purchasing. This affords the potential buyer an in-depth analysis including video footage and a written report. The home buyers report can analyse the property’s drainage network and can identify damage to the drain they would require fixing before the purchase.

Reactive surveys

These types of surveys are required in response to some form of blockage or damage which needs repair within the drainage network. These include blocked toilets, sinks overflowing manholes to name but a few. A drain survey can help to identify the root of the problem and shed light on any other issues that may occur if not effectively treated.

What will a drains inspection find?

A CCTV drain inspection will help to identify both current and potential issues that will require drain repairs within your network, these include…

  • In growing tree roots
  • Internal blockage causes like wet wipes & sanitary products
  • External blockage causes like leaves and foliage
  • Issues relating to leaking or burst pipes
  • Corrosion and wear and tear
  • Poor craftsmanship during the initial installation

How can CDC Draincare help?

CDC Draincare have over 20 years’ experience in drain unblocking using CCTV drain surveys. Our team of knowledgeable drainage experts can quickly identify any drainage problems currently occurring within your drains and advise upon the correct and most cost-effective course of action in order to fix them. For more information on how we can help you why not…

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