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Drainage health and safety

Keeping your and our staff’s safety a priority

CDC-Draincare continues to work relentlessly on behalf of their customers, ensuring a zero-tolerance to Health & Safety challenges.

Apppointing Aclumus 

To drive the importance of keeping the public, customers and staff safe, CDC-Draincare based at Rechar Way Swinton Manchester has appointed Alcumus as their preferred service providers for all matters relating to H&S across all of the North West of England.

Directors at CDC-Draincare were impressed by Alcumus’s enthusiasm to maintain safety as everyone’s number one priority. They demonstrated their skillset, and knowledge backed up by systems, processes and IT management platforms to better inform and drive compliance.

Alcumus’s qualified and experienced health & safety professionals are there to help CDC-Draincare manage and protect their business and people.

Employing external providers and auditors enables the CDC team to focus on running and delivering service excellence.

A word from the directors

CDC-Draincare’s MD Peter McGowan said “Recruiting Alcumus means my management team and engineers can have the confidence that our complex and challenging health & safety concerns are sorted. And as the MD, their IT platform that holds all our actions and communications in a simple web browser which is just one click away, meaning I am always on top of health & safety”.

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